Sunday, January 2, 2011

My Defination of Budo

To dedicate your life in the pursuit of excellence and perfection of one thing.

A discipline that integrates Practical Technique of Combat (bu) - Daily self awarness and have a Spiritual Presence as a way of life - (do)

Daily physical training
1. Maintain the basic standards
2. Teach the basic standards
3. Promote the basic standards

Daily self awareness
1. Be in the present moment
2. Be aware of your actions
3. Be aware of others

Daily spiritual presence
1. Daily spiritual thought
2. Daily spiritual practice
3. Daily spiritual prayer

Daily physical practice to improve ones own mental character to understand ones true spiritual self, is a monk.

A monk is is a soldier engaged in conflict but in this case the enemies are internal - ignorance, anger, attachment and pride
HH.D. Lama

The greatest victory a warrior can achieve is victory over oneself
M. Ueshiba

This is Budo,