Sunday, June 29, 2014

The Technical Process and Application

Karate kihon and kata training should be practiced with the economy of movement and correct movement as the main focus of the technical process.

Efficient transition should be the main principle applied when moving from one technique to the next.  Within the completeness of transition and technique the basic application should present itself.

jrg, ccdk 6/27/14

Sunday, May 4, 2014

CCDK Kumite Principles

Corpus Christi Downtown Karate

Kumite Principle 1 
Hit back, strike back, fire back right away. 

1. Before you get hit - Sen No Sen
2. While you being hit - Taitai No Sen (in both cases)
3. After you get hit. - Go No Sen

Kumite Principle 2 
Have good footwork to avoid being hit. 

1. Move right left, forward back and side to side, shift off the line of attack.
2. Evade the attack so you can strike back. Use angles in this case.
3. Use strong blocks and deflections.

Kumite Principle 3

Have good footwork to successfully attack

1. Attack when there is a physical opening or mental opening.
2. Attack when you create a physical opening or mental opening.
3. Attack when timing and distance is best.

Jeff Ghee 6th Dan, Shihan
Corpus Christi Downtown Karate

Ricardo Johns, 9th Dan Hanshi
Dai Ichi Shotokan Karate-Do
Balfour Wright, 9th Dan Hanshi
Society of Harmonious Fist, Goju Ryu