Monday, August 20, 2012

Three ways to Study Kata

The Study of Kata using Taikyoku Shodan
1. Kata Wa Kumite Kata is fighting
2. Kata is technique seeking principle

Studying beginner kata should help understand more advanced kata. The style of martial arts should not matter. Here are three ways of studying beginner Kata. 

1. Reverse, 2. Stationary 3. Linear 

Hanshi R Johns 9th Dan
Dai Ichi Shotokan Karate Do

Taikyoku Shodan in Reverse 
To understand the kata
To reveal the application of bunki in between the techniques "bunki in transition"

Taikyuku Shodan Stationary. 
Ko Waza short distance technique. Self-defense & close quarters fighting, Quick Footwork & reaction timing.

Taikyoku Shodan Linear 
Toma - long range technique Requires excellent footwork, the ability to be effectively at long range techniques through properly using timing & distance.