Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Don’t give up your keys to the Dojo

  I like the Japanese people, I like to Japanese culture, and I really like the influence the Japanese culture has had on traditional karate; specifically Shotokan Karate Do.
There seems to be a lingering mind set within the Japanese karate community and the non-Japanese karate community that only Japanese karate masters (30 yrs. + training) are to manage, be in charge of, a karate club or notational organization. I appreciate the path and hard work that went into establishing Traditional Karate on a worldwide level.
I believe non-Japanese instructors with 30 plus years of training and experience are capable of managing their own organizations, clubs, and Dojo without any guidance or continued influence from Japanese Karate Ka.  Certainly not a Japanese instructor who is younger with less time, knowledge and experience should not be given a free pass based on his race. The thought that you are better at teaching, managing and as a practitioner just because you are Japanese should have been out to rest 20 years ago. There is not to my knowledge any large national Japan based karate organization led by a non-Japanese Karate Ka
This is not a rant against the Japanese people, the culture, or their karate. It is the mindset that has been an underlying unspoken attitude that should be done away with.  The same mindset and way of thinking by non-Japanese Karate Ka should be done away with. These individuals need to wake up and look to themselvess to manage themselves.
It is everyone’s right to choose their instructor, and organization, or whether they choose to go at it alone. I just want to bring to everyone's attention to that just because you are a certain race or notational origin.
It should not be automatic pass that you are better at whatever it is you are involved in because of race and no other factors, such as ability, knowledge, experience and hard work.


What is Karate

Karate is known as self-defense and Martial Arts. Karate is seen in movies, television and video games and videos on the internet.

Books have been written, paintings made, weapons created, and clothing is worn. There are schools (DOJOs) that teach karate, studios that offer classes,  and videos that can show you karate. Law enforcement departments show their students and military branches instruct the personnel on how to defend them-selves by using their body. The study of Martial Arts has been around for 100s of years. Karate is studied in multiple forms from various parts around the world. In Martial Arts there are no try outs, nor is it seasonal such as competitive sports. Also karate is a lifelong study, that have educational and life skills that becomes part of the lives of the people that choose to learn.

Celebrities are known to have studied or continue in the martial arts. In karate there are public demonstrations, tournaments are held, and the schools are known to share their notes with students of different styles.

Martial Arts, Self Defense, or Karate is an art, a study even a style that many people enjoy, learn, and share in their life and express to those who want to know.

John, Ni Kyu
Corpus Christi Downtown Karate

Why I Like Karate

I like karate because it gets me energized and pumped up.  It is  good for self-defense.

Also it’s fun to do because you learn some Japanese. My favorite thing to do in karate is Kata because it’s technique seeking principle. There’s more like kihon, kumite, and kobudo. It’s exercising in a fun and cool way. I hope to get to black belt.

We also go out of town sometimes for tournaments and get medals and trophies. Also we go out of town just to practice at another dojo. 

Leo, age 13, San Kyu
Corpus Christi Downtown Karate

Why I Like Karate

The reason I like karate is because it teaches you self-defense.

 Self-defense is like if a person tries to fight you, you can know how not to get hurt. Many people think self-defense is bad to teach a kid, but it is not. Karate is a way to keep safe and a way to express anger without hurting people (in the dojo at least).

I also like karate because it gives you a goal; to get a black belt. Before I didn’t have a goal but now I have my eyes set on a black belt! Though all a black belt is, is a white belt that has worked hard. I have been to many dojos but not as good as CCDK. I love karate!

By: Isaiah, age 10, San Kyu
Corpus Christi Downtown Karate

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Heian Nidan Kata Omote

The purpose of the Heian Kata Omotes.
1. To show a starting point for basic applications.
2. To show the overall spirit and kumite principles of the kata.

Heian Shodan Kata Omote basic level one

The purpose of the Heian Kata Omotes. 
1. To show a starting point for basic applications.
2. To show the overall spirit and kumite principles of the kata.