Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Brown Belt Responsibility

To be a brown belt you have to be a good role model. All the lower ranks need to like and respect the brown belts. The brown belt’s job is to keep the dojo in place, keep the sensei informed with news and any changes happening in the dojo. Brown belts have to be at every class and know every drill to show their dedication to the dojo. They should be going to tournaments to represent for their dojo. Making sure they always do the right thing and always use Giri (to keep the spirit and respect of the sensei in and out of the dojo).  Keeping the lower ranks in line is a big responsibility for a brown belt. It’s important not to quit when you’re a brown belt because you have allot of people looking up to you.

Andrew M., Ni Kyu
Corpus Christi Downtown Karate

How Karate Has Affected Me

Karate training has constantly kept me busy and out of trouble. I have learned more techniques, movements, katas, and ways to fight than most people. During the summer, while kids are riding bikes or wasting time playing video games, I’m in the dojo learning karate or at tournaments earning metals and respect; but at the same time learning new things. I think karate has made me more aware of my surroundings and have more respect for things and people. Karate teaches you discipline, respect, and hard work; and that’s starting to rub off on me. When learning Kata (pre-arranged movements in a formal exercise), I’m learning ancient things way older than me and my Karateka (fellow karate students). Doing karate has kept me healthy and in good physical form. I’ve been to many places places, ate different foods, and explored cultures and languages of the places we go. Karate teaches me a second language, Japanese. I love Shotokan because of the way we move, the katas, and Kobudo. Kobudo (weapons) would have to be my favorite because of all the different weapons I can use. I use the Bo/staff more because it’s a great fit for me and it flows better to me. Shotokan Karate-Do has taught me so much, I’m still learning, and I’m far from done.

Bruce Joseph E., Ni Kyu
Corpus Christi Downtown Karate

Uchi Deshi from my point of view

Being an Uchi Dechi (assistant of the sensei) is a big responsibility. It also takes up a lot of your time. Being an Uchi Deshi is like being an assistant, but the only difference is it’s a part of traditional karate. Being an Uchi Deshi is about having a special bond with the sensei. You have to know where the sensei is if he is not with you, you have to make sure the dojo is clean and in order, and to Know all major events that are happening at the dojo. Also knowing all the kids and their parents that go to the dojo and they all have to know you. You have to know what the sensei likes to eat and drink. Being around the Sensei all the time, you get a lot of extra training and knowledge. Hanging out with the sensei is a very important part of being an Uchi Deshi.  An Uchi Deshi must be at the dojo every day.
Andrew M.,  Ni Kyu
Corpus Christi Downtown Karate

What I Know About Stances in Traditional Karate

In Karate, stances are half the battle. In kumite(sparring) you can’t have a short stance because you’ll get your feet swept from under you, or taken down. And if you have a wide stance, it’s harder to move and causing you to move slow. So you would want to be between those two. In Shotokan stances vary from front stance all the way to back stance, and after that, many more. Correct stances are important to kata because in kata you want to keep getting back to where you started in the back of your mind. In kihon (basics) we use deeper stances to strengthen our legs and for cardio. So stances play a big part in Shotokan karate Do.

Bruce Joseph. E. , Ni Kyu

Corpus Christi Downtown Karate


Karate is known as self-defense and Martial Arts. Karate is seen in movies, television and video games and videos on the internet. Books have been written, paintings made, weapons created, and clothing is worn. There are schools (DOJOs) that teach karate, studios that offer classes,  and videos that can show you karate. Law enforcement departments show their students and military branches instruct the personnel on how to defend them-selves by using their body. The study of Martial Arts has been around for 100s of years. Karate is studied in multiple forms from various parts around the world. In Martial Arts there are no try outs, nor is it seasonal such as competitive sports. Also karate is a lifelong study, that have educational and life skills that becomes part of the lives of the people that choose to learn. Celebrities are known to have studied or continue in the martial arts. In karate there are public demonstrations, tournaments are held, and the schools are known to share their notes with students of different styles. Martial Arts, Self Defense, or Karate is an art, a study even a style that many people enjoy, learn, and share in their life and express to those who want to know.

John, Ni Kyu
Corpus Christi Downtown Karate