Monday, November 2, 2015

The effects of striking to pressure points

Using hammer fist from the kata sifa to strike the top of the head causes the brain to suddenly and violently slam against the interior bony structure of the skull. The result of such a blow causes dizziness and possibly blackout.  When this trauma occurs, the brain simply cannot maintain its normal functioning and shuts down causing unconsciousness or partially shuts down causing a feeling of being dazed, until cellular functioning can recover. "Mild brain injury" refers to the extent of loss of consciousness 30 minutes or less and length of amnesia 24 hours or less, not to the functional effects.

Using the thrust punch from heian shodan to strike the solar plexus. Striking the solar plexus can have a varied effect, but basically the most common effect of a well-placed solar plexus strike is a muscle spasm of the diaphragm. This causes the reaction of the person not being able to "catch their breath" or breathe deeply. Other residual effects include items such as damage to the ribs at the base of the sternum; possible heart bruising. A blow to this region can also affect the celiac plexus itself, possibly interfering with the functioning of the viscera, as well as causing great pain perceived to come from the viscera (as the viscera nerves run through this plexus). It carries pain “messages” from the pancreas, liver, kidney, gall bladder, spleen and bowels. It may also temporarily halt visceral functioning.

Using the front kick from gekki sai ich to strike the lower stomach can cause damage to muscle, tendons, ligaments, and genitals. Hernias from muscle tears and weakening. Also striking the lower abdominal can cause some one o urinate on themselves. Your insides are literally being forced backward, into an unnatural position. In addition, they are relatively sensitive and the nerves in your torso tell your brain that you are in pain. Next, the force of the punch is forcing your diaphragm to expel air; hence the term "knocking the wind out of someone." This causes you to gasp for air, making it difficult to breathe. Oh, and let's not forget about your inflexed muscles. They feel the brunt of the guy's fist too, causing even more pain.

Using the foot sweep from Gekisai ich  to attack the legs can cause the person the become unbalanced and lose their footing which will leave them open for other attacks. Such as takedowns various hand strikes to the head nd body and aiki jistu controlling techniques.

Andrew James Moreno, Sensei CCDK

Recourses used
The Karate Dojo by Peter Urban
My Way of Life by Gichin Funakoushi
Conversations and training
Dr. Balfour Wright, Hanshi
Ricado Johns Sr, Hanshi
Jeff Ghee, Shihan

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